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Top 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Jeweler

Top 7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Jeweler
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When customers decide to look for certain pieces of jewelry whether it is for special occasions or individuals it is important to choose wisely who we trust when buying. In the jewelry business, it is indeed all about trust, some would even compare it to the trust you put in your doctor. It is important to find an educated jeweler who will know how to set the outline of the purchase you want to make. His knowledge is a great asset that should be broadcasted by multiple options he presents based on your idea, desire, occasion, or individual your gift is meant to, with a trustworthy reputation.

Therefore this blog is dedicated to all those who want to choose an engagement ring, pair of magnificent earrings, or an elegant watch. Follow us as we outline several important steps, questions as well, as information you need to obtain before deciding which Jeweler is worth your trust.

Step by Step Guide

Seek Recommendations

One of the first steps on your journey to choosing a jeweler is to ask for a recommendation. In big cities, it is very hard to find trustworthy jewelers. It is always the best place to start by consulting with your friends, family, or coworkers. All of us target local jewelers so it is the best way to choose jewelers you trust by following the advice of trustworthy people.

In addition to this, is also recommendations of satisfied customers which usually is available publicly, on Google reviews or other websites that deal with the topic since they can be area-oriented and offer you the best jewelry places nearby. This is where you can narrow down your search and seek the store which is most suitable for you, but then you should take a step further and review members of the staff.

After selecting a few relevant recommendations you should inform yourself about both the store and the jeweler. You should review whether these jewelers and stores have undergone extensive training and whether they have important certifications. Guarantees are essential.


Verify Certificates and Diplomas

One ultimate proof that jeweler has knowledge and training is the attendance of gemological schools, such as GIA, which speaks for the quality itself. Therefore it is very much advisable to ask about this when choosing the right jeweler or simply search the name of the candidates in GIA Alumni Association online directory.

How to choose Jeweler in Florida

Talking about certificates, one important feature to look for, especially since low-quality jewelers are very present everywhere, is the membership of Jewelers of America, one of the oldest jewelry associations in the U.S. Same goes for a repair shop in case you need one and make sure you avoid untrained jewelers.

If you have been doing business with the same shop for a long time, you should expect a high level of service. Credentials can include also the Gemological Institute of America.

Jewelers of America commit annually a Code of Professional Practices, which reflects standards in the jewelry business, which is why they stand behind the quality and knowledge of their members.

Service Quality

Several other features customers should seek in jewelers must also include the state of their services, since one should seek a high-level approach. Also, see how long the jeweler has served its community and clients.


With service also comes the way jewelers help you choose pieces of the jewels you will buy, therefore, special attention should be done to emotional bonds and professionals who understand them will make their best to find something that fits the bond you seek to obtain.

Online Jewelers

Lastly, if you choose to make the purchasing of jewelry more convenient and do it online you should take into account several important details. Primarily make sure that the shop you choose is secure and that it has legitimate credentials. Look for a return policy and whether it includes a full refund. You should also look for original packing as well as itemized receipts which will verify the purchase, as well as assure you can claim return policy. We can also advise that in case of an online purchase you use a credit card and not a debit one.

Jewelry in Florida

One last thing that can be valuable to you when shopping online is that in case you buy diamonds or any other kind of gemstone, ask for a grading report. Also if you buy a watch make sure to buy it from the authorized store since some manufacturers warranties won’t be considered valid.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Jeweler

Even if you have already gone through the process and chosen the jeweler you will trust, it is still important to ask certain questions to make sure your purchase is safe and fits the standards you seek.

Top 7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Jeweler

Return, Warranty, and Exchange Policies to Have in Mind for Your Future Purchase

It is always important to make sure a return policy or warranty is in place when purchasing any form of jewelry, even more, if it is the case of gemstones, diamonds, or watches. This keeps you safe from any bad-quality pieces.

Do You Offer Free Cleaning or Repairs for Any Period?

This is a very common offer among many jewelers, therefore one should ask about this and it can come in handy. Jewelers oten offer free maintenance for the first year, such as professional cleaning or minor repairs.

Do You Offer Insurance for the Purchased Piece?

Insurance is also one of the important topics, especially if buying more valuable pieces of jewelry. It can come in many forms such as certificates for diamonds, appraisal confirmations, or regular insurance.

What Payment Options Are Available?

In case you are purchasing a more expensive jewelry piece that can cost a fortune, some jewelry stores may offer you installment payments or adapt the price to your financial situation.

Do You Have a Qualified Diamond Grader to Check Every Stone?

A lot of seasoned jewelers grade their diamond based on the knowledge and experience of their main diamond grader. Therefore in case you are buying this gem, you should ask about this and make sure their personnel are knowledgeable about diamond cutting and check the stone to ensure you get what you pay for.

Where do You Source Your Diamonds From?

This is an essential question that you should ask if purchasing gemstones. In this way, you are making sure you have diamonds that are conflict-free and have a warranty.

What Happens if a Stone Falls Out?

Accidents like this happen, and most of the reputable stores change diamonds free of charge. Only if a minor stone falls out this policy should be in place, while in case of long wear and purposeful damage, then the stone shouldn’t be replaced free of charge.

Final Notes

Having in mind all that we discussed in this blog, and all criteria one can follow to select a jeweler to the best of your taste, we suggest you visit our website and stores. In this way, you can make sure that all of our Google reviews speak truthfully and that our staff at Brilliance Jewels represents the top ranking jewelers that can help you find what you look for.