ARTLINEA World Historical Places Charm Bracelet

ARTLINEA World Historical Places Charm Bracelet



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About The Item:

There is something innately charming about a charm bracelet. Some people might love the signature jingle and jangle such a bracelet makes when the wearer is in motion, while other enjoy the fact that you really need to get up close and personal to examine each quirky little charm dangling from the links. But for me, the most irresistible and alluring thing about a charm bracelet is its ability to tell a story unique to its owner. Consider a charm bracelet “history on a wrist” – there is nothing more personal and symbolic than this Artlinea world historical places charm bracelet.



Signature: Artlinea

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold

Non-Metal Material: Enamel

Type: Charm

Chain Length: 8 inches

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Yellow Gold

Metal Purity



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