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Tiffany Made in the USA

Tiffany made in the USA
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Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue ten-story flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, New York, is an iconic scene, not just for movies but for anyone who wishes to have an experience of a lifetime. The ravishing window display makes every passing person rave with curiosity and awe.

The name Tiffany is known worldwide; however, very fewer people know about the brand and its history. Even though New York is famous for housing the most famous Tiffany store, people still ask if Tiffany is made in the USA. Companies’ long history is deeply connected to the USA ever since 1848 when  Charles Lewis Tiffany hired artisans to make jewelry at the workshop above the Broadway store in New York City.

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Today, the tradition continues, only in more locations: the company has manufacturing facilities in New York, Rhode Island, and Kentucky, with assembly and polishing facilities in the Dominican Republic. All the jewels that you see Tiffany & Co. produces are crafted in one of their workshops and facilities.

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Where is Tiffany & Co located?

Tiffany & Co. became one of the top jewel manufacturers in the world, working with world-class artisans from all over the world. Today, most of Tiffany’s manufacturing facilities are located within the United States, with facilities in Cumberland, Rhode Island, Pelham, New York, Mt. Vernon, New York, and Parsippany, New Jersey. The Cumberland facility handles jewelry manufacturing and silver hollowware, and the Pelham facility manufactures jewelry and works with gemstones and polishing. The Mt. Vernon also works with jewelry manufacturing, gemstone setting, and polishing. Tiffany & Co.’s Parsippany facility houses watchmaking, engraving, and crystal etching.

The company always strives to produce the best quality on the market; thus, Tiffany & Co. has some of its products in world-renowned countries, such as Switzerland and Italy. Switzerland, known for its famous watches, houses some of Tiffany & Co.’s watchmakers in San Sulpice. Italy and even Asia house facilities for the company. The reason for expanding to other countries is that the brand wants to put the highest quality products on the market; thus, they turn to places with a history and are known for producing the respective products of the highest quality.

Where is Tiffany jewelry manufactured, is it made in the USA?

Since Tiffany is a well-known brand, often their quality gets questioned. Having facilities in different areas of the United States and different corners of the world allows Tiffany & Co. to work on crafts specific to that region, allowing the company to produce high-quality products. By bringing jewelry manufacturers within the company’s walls, Charles Lewis Tiffany had set an important precedent for the company that continues to this day and allows Tiffany & Co. to maintain their high standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Why is Tiffany jewelry so expensive, and is it worth the money?

With high quality comes money. Almost everything that can hold the title of high-quality comes with a rather hefty price. With Tiffany’s price also comes a successful history.

Tiffany & Co. was established in 1837, and since then, it has sky-rocketed to being one of the top jewelry manufacturers in the world, thanks to its branding, which is known all over the world, such as the iconic blue box wrapped around a white ribbon on all sides with a white bow on top. When you think diamond, you think Tiffany’s. When you see a blue box with a white ribbon, you instinctively think of Tiffany’s. The trademarks are burned in our minds without having to think about it.

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When purchasing a Tiffany jewel, you not only buy a pretty-looking stone, but you purchase a brand, you purchase a high-quality experience. From the moment you set foot in the usual five to ten-story Tiffany stores, you get filled with excitement and joy, which is part of the Tiffany experience, which is part of the brand, and finally, the price of the gemstone you wish to buy.

 On the other hand, the company offers a wide variety of unique collections that cannot be found at any other store, and even at the Tiffany stores, they can be found in limited editions.

 The company also has a long and successful history under its belt, which made a name for them allowing the company to produce higher quality, but more expensive jewels.

 When you pay for a Tiffany jewel, you not only pay for the brand, but you also pay for the craftsmanship, which in the process is carefully done in the highest quality possible. The fine craftsmanship and detailed attention to it allow the jewels to last for decades. When you purchase a Tiffany product, it is certain to last.

Is Tiffany jewelry of high quality?

The horrid looks on most people’s faces after seeing the price tag of a desired Tiffany’s jewel drags up another question: whether that piece of astonishing jewelry is worth your money or not. Tiffany & Co. is known for catering to all sorts of jewels in all sorts of price ranges; however, still, not everyone can afford their low prices. Considering that Tiffany jewelry material is carefully sourced, processed, and manufactured from start to finish,  it depends on what you want.

To many people, it is essential to purchasing a piece of jewelry that has a well-known name, guaranteeing its high quality. Alternatively, it is possible to find a piece of jewelry that is just as well carefully processed from start to finish. However, it doesn’t come with prestige as Tiffany jewels do.

In terms of money, if you are willing to invest in a Tiffany jewel, you are looking at a long-lasting investment that could serve as a legacy passed down to generations.

It is safe to say that Tiffany & Co jewelry is marked up in price. Not only because of the high quality of their craftsmanship, but considering the celebrity endorsements, mass advertising, and ravishing stores, it is no wonder that Tiffany’s jewelry is expensive. Additionally, the uniqueness of the products draws the price higher; not even the most talented artisans in the world could recreate a Tiffany & Co jewel.

Tiffany’s most known, and desired jewels involve diamonds.

Do Tiffany diamonds hold their value?

Another question that might arise when looking at the price of a diamond ring, for example, is if they even hold their value. Tiffany & Co diamonds are cut and polished at the company’s own workshops in Belgium, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mauritius, and Botswana. In 2002, the company established a subsidiary to produce rough diamonds and cut, then polish, then supply the finished stone. They source 100% of their rough diamonds from known and responsibly managed suppliers.

Tiffany & Co. diamonds are sourced from five countries worldwide: Botswana, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and Nabimia. The primary suppliers of rough diamonds are DeBeers,  Rio Tinto, Alrosa, and Dominion Diamonds.

Tiffany diamonds are sourced and processed with great care and consideration. From the moment the rough stones are unearthed, the company upholds high-quality standards throughout the process of becoming valuable gemstones. Today, Tiffany & Co. has a huge customer demand, from engagement rings to other jewels. Due to the company’s timeless and unique designs, and high-quality production, Tiffany diamonds, and jewels hold their value more than any other branded jewel.

Is Tiffany better than Cartier?

Although Tiffany as a brand acquired a top spot in the industry, it is not the only high-end jewelry manufacturer.
Another, so-called, competitor in the jewelry industry is the French CartierThe company is another high-end jewelry manufacturer that was established in Paris in 1847, 10 years after Tiffany’s was established. Although both companies were founded around the same time, both manufacturers are in the same industry and have similar products, Tiffany & Co. was more prone to making a name for itself.

Both Tiffany and Cartier sell high-end jewelry, but Tiffany & Co. is more known for having more budget-friendly pieces. Is Cartier better than Tiffany’s judged by their prices?

Tiffany & Co. believes that everyone should be able to own a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry. So they produce jewels that can be sold for a lower rate, but that does not mean that their quality drops along with the price. Quite the contrary.

These affordable Tiffany & Co. pieces include but are not limited to all sorts of silver jewels or other ornamental pieces. On the other hand, Cartier jewels are owned by the wealthiest people in the world, the brand name is synonymous with royalty. To sum up, Tiffany and Cartier are both amazing brands, both provide high-quality jewelry pieces, the only difference between the two is that while Tiffany believes that everyone should be able to afford a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry, Cartier only caters to the richest and wealthiest of them all.

Which one is better? That depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend on it.

Tiffany is better known due to its wide range of prices. Whichever you decide on is guaranteed to last for a long time to come, if not for many lifetimes.

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What makes Tiffany’s so special that everyone is longing for one?

Tiffany jewelry is special without a doubt, especially their diamonds. Tiffany diamonds are sourced ethically and responsibly. They source their diamonds from established trade connections allowing their customers traceability of the diamonds and showing that they do not support unethical practices. When purchasing a Tiffany jewel, customers can be sure that they don’t support anything unethical either.

Another specialty of Tiffany jewels, and these points might not be about why Tiffany jewels are special on the outside.

However, it is important to know that when buying jewelry from Tiffany’s you not only purchase a product, you purchase everything that goes into the brand, from unearthing the raw stones up until the moment they hit the stores. On that note, Tiffany & Co. helped found the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, which protects the practices, workers, and most importantly the environment in the industry.

Now, every material object has many outside qualities that make them special.

One of the most tell-tale special qualities of a Tiffany piece is the color of the jewel. Especially, the color of their diamonds. Finding a diamond is hard in the first place, but it is even rarer to find a colored one, let alone own one. Another unique outside quality of Tiffany jewels is their eye-pleasing design and eye-catching forms and shapes.

Any jewelry is sparkly, to begin with.  However, Tiffany jewels have this unique spark to them, this unique majestic, graceful elegance, that has everyone longing for them.

It is clear to see that owning a piece of Tiffany’s is like buying into the brand. An otherworldly experience that many don’t even get in their lives. With that said no need to ponder for days on the quality of Tiffany’s diamonds, or other jewelry collections manufactured by the company.

Tiffany’s is special through and through, the jewels made by them are guaranteed to last for a long time to come.

Whether you want to invest in a precious piece of jewelry or not depends on you and whether you deem it worthy of your money.